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Maintenence Tips

Dust regularly

Airborne particles, dust, and dirt cause a thin layer of wood which damages and scratches the surface. It also destroys its natural sheen. Your guests also wouldn’t like to see a thin film of dust layering up your furniture. Hence, you must dust your furniture from time to time, using a soft cloth. Don’t use rough materials to dust off the surfaces as they can cause scratches.

Keep Wood Smelling Fresh

Sometimes old furniture develops an unpleasant odour. To make them smell fresh and new, sprinkle some amount of baking soda. You can place a pan of charcoal inside chambers and drawers. It would absorb the smell that emanates from the furniture body.

Remember that even with the best care and maintenance, furniture and appliances are prone to disintegration.

Re-oil and re-wax dry wood

If you notice your furniture becoming too dry, you can re oil it. Follow the below steps for re-oiling the furniture surface:

  • Clean the surface using a wet cloth and mild soap or detergent.

  • Dry clean it immediately.

  • Now apply furniture oil and let the furniture soak the moisture for about 15 mins.

  • After this, if you choose to apply any protective layer, let the oil settle for a day before you proceed to apply any other solution.

If you are to wax the furniture surface, the process is a bit different.

  • Once you have cleaned the surface using a damp cloth and mild soap, apply a coat of wax and spread the mixture throughout the surface.

  • Don’t keep the wax for more than 20 mins.

  • Remove the excess wax from the surface by wiping it off with a clean pad.

  • Now buff using a soft cloth until the surface feels smooth.


6 Tips to Take Care of Your Wooden Furniture